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Lacey Dentist - Karl L. Hoffman, DDS - Oral Cancer Screening

Lacey Dentist - Karl L. Hoffman, DDS - Hawks Prairie Dental - Oral Cancer Screening

High-Tech Oral Cancer Screening System for Early Diagnosis

Our office uses a revolutionary, high-tech electronic device on every adult patient, at their cleaning appointment, at least once per year, to screen for oral cancer. 

Trimira LLC (Houston, TX) has introduced a small, cordless, handheld device that it says enables early diagnosis of oral cancer. Called Identafi 3000, the device uses a three-wavelength optical illumination and visualization system to allow dental professionals to identify otherwise-invisible early cancers. This high-tech device will aid in mouth, tongue, and lip cancer screening–enabling diagnosis of afflictions that have reached epidemic levels, due in part to the lack of effective, broad-based early detection systems for oral cancer screening.